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Made in Mada

Made in Mada - Clutch

$75.00 AUD

'Made in Mada' was created two years ago after the owners moved to Sydney. Having lived in Madagascar all their lives a beautiful company culture arose, sharing, living and working with the Madagascan‰۪s people. The traditionally crafted works are a beautiful addition to the Sydney scene.

The sale of the products enable families to gain economic independence without having to leave their villages or families to find work in large factories.

Beautifully hand-crafted in a timeless style using contrasting, limited run fabrics which add a modern, fashionable edge. The range is in all natural, sustainably sourced fibres, mostly from the raffia tree which grows in the middle of rainforest, which needs to be cut down to help other trees grow.

This is a super stylish, ethically made Raffia Clutch. Perfect for any special event! 

Measures 30cm long x 22cm high