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Patch Pocket Skirt - Dark Denim

$159.00 AUD

The classic Dragstar Patch Pocket Skirt is now available in a lovely dark Denim fabric!

With its cool shade and flattering A-line shape, our best-selling, retro-denim patch pocket skirt has just the right 70's flavour. It's the piece that you'll find yourself reaching for every day of the week, all-year round. From work to play, park to festival, this skirt really rocks, no fine-tuning required.

The fabric is a medium to heavy weight denim, which is quite stiff to start with but will soften beautifully after washing, whilst still keeping it's great a-line shape.

Made in Sydney.

Garment Measurements

Size 6 - Waist 70cm, Hip 104cm, Length 55cm

Size 8 - Waist 76cm, Hip 108cm, Length 57cm

Size 10 - Waist 80cm, Hip 112cm, Length 58cm

Size 12 - Waist 84cm, Hip 116cm, Length 58cm

Size 14 - Waist 90cm, Hip 120cm, Length 59cm

Size 16 - Waist 94cm, Hip 124cm, Length 60cm

If you are interested in this skirt and your size is missing, please give us an email on